What to Expect from an Associate Degree in Paralegal

Becoming a paralegal is empowering and special. It means that a person can be self-sufficient for life and satisfied in a meaningful career. If you’re considering becoming a paralegal, here are some of the great things you can expect.
What to Expect from an Associate Degree in Paralegal

$23.97 Per Hour

You could be making as much as $53,700 a year after a short two-year program in paralegal studies, according to CNN Money. That’s a lot of money for an associate degree! Paralegals can count on this median income for the rest of their lives, regardless of the specific field they choose to work in.

This kind of earning potential is rarely seen from associates programs. Paralegal students are smart for choosing a program that could pay off their educational costs in less than a year of work!

Steady Job Outlook

Paralegals can expect steady job growth for as long as experts can project. Because legal needs will always exist, paralegals will always be in demand. The average annual growth for paralegals and legal aids is approximately 18% per year (30% per year over the long-term), which means that paralegals will never be unemployed if they want a job.

If you started a Bryant & Stratton paralegal degree today, in two years you will have an associate’s degree in paralegal. Careers for paralegals tend to be steady, structured, and dependable. Layoffs rarely if ever occur in professions like these, which are in demand and necessary.

Professional, Respectable Profession

Some men choose to be firefighters because they think it’s sexy. Many order levitra online no prescription women choose to be teachers because they like to be thought of as nurturing and compassionate. If you are a person who wants to be seen as professional and respectable, then a degree in paralegal studies is right for you.

Your children will be happy to show you off at Bring Your Parents to School Day, and your family will brag about your accomplishments. Paralegals get to dress well, work in comfortable offices, and avoid the back-breaking work that others without degrees have to accept.

Exciting Days & Quiet Nights

Legal assistants like paralegals have the best of both worlds: they get all of the excitement that attorneys do, but they get to leave work in the office and go home to their families at night. While lawyers work an average of 80 hours per week, paralegals are often hourly, which means they get to leave on time and forget about work while they play with their kids at night.

If you always dreamed of being a lawyer but couldn’t stand the crazy schedule, then becoming a paralegal makes sense. You get a nice income, decent hours, a great workplace, job stability, and a personal life. Your attorney bosses will be envious of your hours, and perhaps wish they could return their degrees (and half-million in student debt) to become paralegals.

Being a paralegal is exciting and fun. People who get associates in this profession can expect stability, happiness, good hours and a challenging (but rewarding) career.

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