4 Tracks to Take After Graduation

So, you finally graduated after your long years in school. Bet you smiled all ears, thinking you just deserve it after all those sleepless nights and mind-blowing crams. Who would not? I mean, we all prayed for that day to come – no more assignments, projects and most especially exams! Salute to you, you did a great a job! You have walked through that stage and it was probably one of the best days of your life!

However, after the ceremonies and all those Congratulations” from your loved ones, you may be left wondering, “What now?” Realizations of not coming back to school and not regularly seeing your favorite classmates will finally hit you. And what’s about to worsen your post is being asked, Now that you graduated, what are your plans?”

go on with your graduation

That may be the time for you to say hello to the so – called – “real” world. If you suddenly feel uncertain of the situation, you’re probably having some post – graduation jitters.

A psychologist, Andy Hogg, said that “it is normal for recent college graduates to feel stressed and anxious.” To tell you, what you are experiencing is all part of very significant transition in your life!

A person who is undergoing transition, according to Perret – Clermont and Zittoun, “experiences a breaking point due to a change in activity frameworks and must therefore adjust to new circumstances.” (2002)

It is time to fully accept your situation and make a decision. Adjusting to life after graduation cannot be as easy as counting 1,2,3. However, you can never take a lifetime adjusting. You have to get through it thus embracing another chapter of your life. Use this transition as a ladder to achieve what you want.

After graduation, it’s only normal to feel uncertain of your next steps. However, listed below are the tracks you can choose from:

1. Get a job

Many are wanting for a change of environment. This can provide reason as to why most number of graduates look for a job after graduation. If you are one of them, here are some tips Justin Louie of TalentEgg has articulated to help you be at ease in getting your job:

  • Apply jobs in your field
  • Apply for jobs that will help you gain skills and experience relevant to your field
  • Apply for any job that will give you useful general skills and experience

2. Take conversion course

While some are only wanting a mere change in their environment, others desire a complete change. This is where conversion courses enter. This gives chances graduates to be in control of their path and go in a totally different direction. According to an article by Prospects, taking a conversion course is essential if one is looking to fast-track a career change or continue studying in a completely different subject area from an undergraduate degree. Moreover, it has said to allow a person improve his job prospects, achieve professional accreditation, and increase confidence of landing work in a specific field.

3. Pursue post-graduate study

There are graduates who aren’t done yet with the write my paper academics. A post – graduate study can further enhance skills and knowledge to one’s chosen field.

“If you have a real desire to study a particular aspect of your undergraduate course in more depth, then postgraduate study is the answer. Some career areas, such as law and psychology, require further study at postgraduate level in order to qualify,’ states Philippa.

4. Take a gap year

You do not know yet what you wanted to do? You may find it a need to take a gap year first. Graduates sometimes experience panic over the knowledge that their peers are doing well and are already decided to what they want to do post – graduation but in reality, their co-graduates are in the same feeling to which they are still under exploration of their goals and plans in life.

Taking a gap year may be best for you to have a clear mind thus finally be able to make a decision out of your life. To get the most out of l=your gap year, try to do new things and meet new people. Take time to reflect on your personal strengths, skills and interests to better know yourself. Some people taking their gap year complete internships and work as a volunteer. Others take time to relax and meditate, sometimes abroad.


Let me leave you with this quotation from Sukant Ratnakar:

“Plan your next move because your every step contributes towards your goal.”

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