5 Tips To Choose Your Study Abroad Destination

Thinking about going abroad, here are few pointers that you need to remember.

Education has become something we cannot ignore any more. With the world going smaller, students are not just looking to study abroad as a dream, but as one of their main prospective destinations. The educational standard and the tag of studying in one of the world renowned universities, makes it a definite choice.

Tips for students to study abroad

5 Tips for students who want to study abroad

Studying abroad is something most students look into right after they finish their 12th boards, sometimes even before that. Nowadays you have many coaching centers raking in money by giving students guidance and studying tips for various international exams. But even before you take those final steps here are some tips that you need to keep in mind.

Tip #1 – Make a Budget

What is your budget? When you decide to go abroad, there are many locations ranging from the affordable to the most expensive ones. Most often students look at the US or UK as their study abroad options. While these locations are a bit to the steeper side, if you think you can’t afford it you can opt for countries like Australia, Singapore, China, Canada etc. Though these are cheaper than US/UK, they give degrees that are as good as them. For example a university in Australia might cost you up to 18 Lac* and a course in UK would be about 35 Lac*; in Singapore course could cost up to 30 Lac* etc. (*these figures are bound to change).

Tip #2 – Choose a University

Once you have your budget in place and you destination is fixed, now is the time to choose your university. Don’t go on the bases of glamour or where your friends are going, but solely on the basis of ranking and the subject you want to choose. Some universities are known specially for their courses. Few criteria’s before you apply for a university:

  • Course: What is your specialization? Most of the universities abroad, teach you all kinds of subjects, but amongst them, they are known more for some of them. Choose solely on the base of what is the best that university offers
  • Rank: There are many surveys and ranking research reports, which would let you know – about the best university for your course.
  • Eligibility: Apart from you results for your highest education degree that you have achieved, you would have to also pass some of the international buy levitra levitra online noida testing standard. To be eligible to apply you would have to clear examinations like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE etc. depending on your course.
  • Scholarship: Most international universities, have the option of applying for scholarships. Some of them are private while others are government funded.
  • Placement: This is why you are studying – to get the best job offer. Hence, before applying check what kind of placement schemes your university offers.

Tip #3 – Need a Visa

Each country has their eligibility criteria for the visa. First thing, you need remember is that the visa process takes a long time, always start way before hand. Remember your college won’t wait for your visa to get approved. Loads of documentation is required and so you need to make sure you have everything in order. As soon as you get the acceptance letter from the university – apply.

Tip #4 – Fix your pocket Money

Most of the universities, offer you accommodation at a nominal price per month. Some of the universities make it mandate for student to live on their campus, while others give you the option to live outside. Either way, you would have an expense. Calculate it before hand; otherwise, you might end up spending much more. Most of the international universities also offer you the chance of earn while you learn, you think you can manage both studies and working; then go for it.

Tip #5 – Understand your Safety

Racism is one of the ugly truths of our society, and it is present everywhere. However, because of all the awareness that is spread around the world, the universities and colleges are making sure their campuses are racism free. Understand there is always an amount of risk involved. All you can do, is that – you can carry with you safety devices like pepper spray etc. and if at any time you feel uncomfortable, go to your college authorities.

The best way to see all the courses, syllabus and eligibility requirement, I suggest you log on to few of the education portals, and they would help you further in making that final decision. Being a part of the diversity that any international college has to offer is definitely something worth trying for.

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Trisha is a professional writer and adviser on education

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