Start-Ups for Students

Students are generally known to be a very creative lot. Over the years they have college students have created awesome applications and platforms that revolutionized an entire generation. Take an example of Facebook. A social media platform that entirely changed the way people connected with the friends. It grew in popularity and became such a household name which made companies to start using the channel to advertise their products and services. That was not the only successful startup started by a students, there are many more as we’ll come to learn about some of them in this piece created by Homework-Desk.

Start-Ups for Students

GXStudios by college students from Yale University

The company way launched in 2007 by both current and former college students at Yale University. The founders include: Matthew Brimer, Brad Hargreaves, Jeffrey Reitman and Sean Mehra. As we speak, there are over 40,000 students who are addicted to this online game that continues to intrigue people. What makes the game even more interesting is that it has adapted rules that are quite similar to those of a classical board game Risk where different teams of students mostly engage in a territorial battle on a map that sort of reflects their real campus.

GoBag founded by Andres Valencia and Diego Escandon

As the founder, Andres Valencia is a Babson MBA candidate in the class of 2015 and GoBag is his second venture. These two were very instrumental in creating a company that deals with designing ultra-light and flexible water containers. The awesome designs and intriguing graphics is what normally intrigues people to fall for the brand. GoBags can be easily folded, rolled or even flattened to fit perfectly in any pocket making them convenient to carry around. Add to this the fact that the bags are reusable and you can understand why the company is such a big player in the industry.

Downtyme founded by a group of students from Boston University

If you are looking for something that can save you from your smartphone, this is the app that you should go for. The mobile app was developed for Android and iPhone Operating System seeks to simplify how people make plans with their friends. It makes it easy for its users to connect with friends. Barron Roth is one of the Cofounders of Downtyme.

ClassHack founded by Andrew Bernstein and Luke George from Boston College

The students created this online levitra online usa platform where students are allowed to submit video lessons on professors and courses where they’ve aced for others. Users get the grades they want from students who got the grades. With such provisions, you can understand why the company has grown in popularity over the last few years.

Green Mobile created by Brian Laoruangroch from The University of Missouri

Brian Laoruangroch of Missouri class of ’09 created one of the coolest college startups which launched in 2004. The company specializes in buying, selling, trading and repairing used mobile phones. After starting as an eBay hobby, the company has grown to become a super profitable business venture recently passing the $500,000 profit mark.

ZW Enterprises developed by Zac Workman from Indiana University

While pursuing his studies at Indiana University, Zac Workman created the Punch energy drink. Workman together with his family members had to put up $200,000 as startup capital to get the business going. The ZW Enterprise was launched in 2008 and after a year in operation, the company had already reached the $1 million revenue mark.

Give Water founded by Ben Lewis from the University of Pennsylvania

Ben Lewis launched his startup business at the age of 20years while at the University of Pennsylvania. The bottle water brand that is distributed by Starbucks donates a share of each sale to charity. After just a year and a half of operating, the company had reached sales of over $650,000 and saw them donating more than $50,000 to charity. By the year 2010, the brand was already being talked about as a national brand all thanks to the brilliance of Ben Lewis.

Langt Language founded by Justin Cannon and Chris Varehorst from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Having realized the challenges involved in learning any foreign language, these two MIT seniors at Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched Langt Languages. The two together with Justin Cannon created a tool that would make it easier for students to learn the different foreign languages. The app allows teachers to create custom assignments that incorporate images, videos and texts to help with learning. The tool also allows the students to record and submit audio files of themselves via their browsers.
With these startups being accepted on the global arena, the world is opening up new avenues which is always encouraging to the young entrepreneurs who are looking to put their creative minds into good use.

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