Read With Your Child: Stay Young And Stay With It

Reading books is more like a gateway to a world of creativity and information. As parents, it’s our job to make kids develop an interest for reading. Unfortunately, it’s now more difficult than ever to convince them to give up their console games, computers, or tablets, and grab a book. Still, it’s not something impossible to do. We have to be smart and participate in the reading session in order to awake their interest.

books for education of children and parents

Creating a warm and cozy environment

Nothing appeals to a child more than a cozy environment. We can create a tent in the living room made of bed sheets. We place a reading lamp underneath, some cushions, blankets, and we’re ready to get started. Kids love it when parents are eager to play with them. Let’s do this activity once a week and kids will look forward to reading a new book each time. A family book club can also include daddy, granny, and puppy Gigi to make the whole atmosphere even more enjoyable.

Fun reading time – acting and bringing characters to life

Kids love it when parents read them out loud. Use a friendly tone and help them transpose into a whole new world. It will definitely be exciting. Don’t read the whole story, and let them know that tomorrow you’ll keep reading if they go to bed. The next day, your kids will impatiently wait to see what happened with the Little Red Riding Hood. Did the wolf eat her? Did she escape? We’ll see!

It’s prize time… after the reading session!

It’s amazing how influential kids can be. Fill up the cookie jar, place it close to “The Three Little Pigs” and let your kids know they can only have cookies when the book was read. Although they won’t like the idea so much, as soon as they start reading into the book, they’ll love it. Don’t let them fool you, and only award them after the reading session was done.

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Go outside

Reading outside, in the backyard can extremely fun for kids. Take a fluffy blanket with you, a couple of good books, and some treats. Read the stories out loud, engage them by asking questions, and awake their curiosity. Don’t forget to show them the images, and if they’re 4 to 6 years old, you can always buy levitra no prescription mastercard teach them to read. Don’t put a lot of pressure though, and let them have fun with the letters.

Changing voices

Reading with kids can be a fun activity, as long as you’re dedicated. Changing voices for example, is a great way of helping them differentiate the characters. Whether you’re the big bad wolf with a grumpy voice or the innocent little red riding hood, the goal of the reading session is to make your kids want more. Role-playing is an excellent way of making things more fun. Play hide and seek with your kids, be the big bad wolf and start chasing them around the house. Don’t forget to maintain that mean voice!

reading for your kids and children as educational aspect

Mixing genres

Adventure books are great; however it’s always good to diversify. Mixing fiction with non-fiction is an excellent way of teaching your kids meaningful life lessons. Make sure to do it in a fun way, and don’t put a lot of pressure. You can always read them “Hansel and Gretel” to make them connect with their brothers and sisters for example. Siblings argue all the time, so every once in a while it might be a good idea to read your kids books with a significant message. Who knows, maybe they won’t fight anymore!

Talk about the pictures

Books for kids with a lot of images are really funny. Most characters are hilarious, so it’s always a good idea to point them out to your little ones. Comment them together, laugh, imitate the characters, and try to make the whole reading session as entertaining as possible.

Are you ready parents? Your kids love books, they just don’t know it yet. In order to get their attention you might have to goof around and act like the funniest characters to keep your little ones engaged. Truth be told, parents would do anything to please their kids, and as far as reading is concerned, they would spell out the entire alphabet with their bodies if they knew their kids will laugh their guts out.

Christopher Austin is a freelance writer and a blogger who is dedicated to his work. He loves to read books and want that his children should also read books. Whenever he is free he spends his time reading books with his kids at

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