Popular Free Educational Android Apps for Students

Are you a student or proud parent of an Android user? Student life very much revolves around classes, projects, assignments, libraries and so on. There are times when the whole thing turns out to be stressful and you feel like instantly dropping your education to go out and enjoy in the streets. However, Android helps you tackle several of your day to day tasks related to education in the simplest manner. Android’s treasure chest, the Google Play store is home to a wide range of apps waiting to assist you in your every task.

Education Apps for Android students

Today, let us take a look in to the popular free Android apps that help you in your education:

Periodic Droid


Are you a Chemistry student breaking your head with elements and equations? It is an interesting subject when you create a liking towards it. The Periodic table is the most important foundation in Chemistry on which the entire building is being raised. Carrying them on papers as notes and charts can be irritating at times. Using this app, you can carry the Periodic table in your pockets. Besides from having a list of elements, the properties of each element has been carefully embedded in this app by the developer. You can also have your knowledge on Periodic table tested by playing the quiz.

Civil Calculator


If you are a civil engineering student you must be breaking your head with numbers and calculations. After all, that is going to be your job when you are left to pursue your career. This app “Civil Calculator” might spoil your brains, but yes as a student you can use it at times when you are really tired of making calculations. It simplifies your calculations to a great levitra online 20mg extent and deals with all kind of units related to civil engineering.



This app is of great use to electrical engineers and Physics students. This is a creative app which allows you to design circuits and observe the way they work. This is a perfect app to be used while you are doing projects and assignments. You can observe the changes occurring in voltage, charge and current by looking at the animations. You can get real time experience when you make changes in the circuits when the animation runs on screen.

Virt U


If you are interested in adding knowledge, related to your course by listening to lectures from various colleges, Virt U is the best app recommended for you. You have the liberty to download lectures from various universities including Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard and MIT right on your phones. You can find numerous videos of lectures available on a variety of topics. If you like to learn more about a subject that interests you, Virt U is the perfect choice. You will be able to get first-hand information on all details regarding the subject.

All these apps can be downloaded for free and installed in your phones. Android apps are available in plenty specializing in various subjects. Developers come out with new Android apps from time to time, which give us an opportunity to discuss this topic frequently. If you are not satisfied with any of the apps that are listed here, you can pick the ones you like from the Google Play Store.

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