Online Education vs. On-campus Education for a College Graduation

A lot of people contemplate on how to go about college. Sometimes, some don’t even bother going to college at all. Well, that’s their choice. This article will help you decide which environment best suits you or how to deal with the college educational atmosphere you’re already in. The 2 academic conditions you can choose from both has its advantages and downsides as nothing is perfect although a broadened knowledge of this will allow you to make the most out of it. Before you know it, you’ll be sending out college graduation invitations in no time!

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The ultimate goal of a college student is college graduation, true? But the whole point of college is the learning within a given time frame – the experience. Each individual has differing preferences, capacities, and learning abilities therefore getting into a suitable educational facility is the best option. After all, there is no right or wrong campus since it all depends on who gets into it and for what.

A lot of institutions offer students the option of on-campus schooling or online education. So, what are their pros and cons that you should know in order to assess which of the 2 can aid you to your college graduation in time.

Online schooling

Talk about the emergence of “The Jetsons.” With the evolution of time, everything else is affected by the change including education systems. Web-based colleges that offer an entire degree program, like that of traditional offline college programs, are made available for students – primarily for their convenience. For as long as you have your laptop and internet access, you’re ready for school.

These cyber classes permit you to an opportunity to commit to more things because it does not entail much requisite but the responsibility is much higher as this would mean self-discipline. It is up to you to take the classes seriously.

Online classes will grant you more flexibility in terms of timetable and course materials as you can schedule your classes according to your availability and the materials needed are also ready online. Keep in mind, though, that even with this kind of luxury on your side, you must still turn in course work on time to meet the deadline. Online schooling can provide you the benefit of educational buy levitra brand name access under a time and budget saving manner but you also have to remember that not everything can be tendered online.

Seeing as classes online would involve exchanging information via emails and web channels like Skype, classes that are better learned through a hands-on approach can’t be given justice. Other than that, you wouldn’t have classmates present as online classes are one-on-one programs. Plus, your inquiries may not be immediately addressed as you have to wait until your professor replies. These cases limit some aspects of your growth but in the end it will all depend on the student’s learning pace and comfort.

On-campus schooling

The most common and familiar form of education is the on-campus classes. Classroom-style learning exposes students to instructor-led environment with a somewhat competitive classroom experience because of the presence of classmates. For these reasons, the maturity of a college student is better developed as getting in contact with different people and participating in various activities helps them get ready for life after college graduation.

Furthermore, a broader range of learning experience can be attain through traditional classroom schooling as compared to online classes since mentors are more approachable and queries get answered immediately. Plus, being in a campus for college allows you to grow your network of peers that develop you as person while in school and even after.

But just like online schooling, on-campus education also has its own drawbacks. Traditional classroom learning is not as customized for the student’s pace for learning as compared to online learning therefor you have to either catch up with the lessons or take it easy which can be stressful. Discussions are made in big study groups and sometimes your learning needs may not be attended to, fully. You also need to abide by stricter rules and mingle and adapt to different personalities.

Overall, choosing your learning environment should only consider your needs to reach an optimal result. This way, you’ll be exchanging college graduation cards with your friends on time and in the most fulfilling fashion.

This article is written by Gabrielle Nicolette Roales, a recent Advertising Arts graduate, who now works as a content writer and plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Psychology. Gabrielle recommends you to consider GradShop for all your graduation needs.

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  1. Police Science Institute

    Jul 29. 2013

    I prefer online education because it not only gives me the flexibility but also the mobility and a huge discussion on chat room so that i can clarify the whole topic and got the more knowledge which is not in books.

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  2. Ashley

    Jun 22. 2015

    yes the online learning permits you to study beyond the geographical locations. All the thing you need to have is enrolling into an online institution whether it may be a school or a college, laptop/desktop with an internet connection. One can access the classes and the course material online and study in a stress free online environment. The online education is providing almost all the courses which traditional offers. It is educating the students and making them graduate around the world. Great blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas and views about online learning.

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