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The smartness in a smartphone actually comes from the apps installed on it. While there are countless number of apps available for the major mobile platforms like Android and iOS, very few of them are targeted toward students. That’s why; we bring to you some of the apps which students can use which help in doing boring mathematical calculations for algebra, trigonometry, calculus and more.

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While the default calculator app is enough for basic calculations or even finding roots, performing trigonometric functions, it doesn’t helps much for doing complex mathematical calculations. PCalc is a robust app which provides functionalities like RPN mode, unit conversions, multiline display for easier view ability, etc.

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PCalc is great app for iOS users, but that doesn’t means Android users can’t have those advanced features. RealCalc app looks and works just like a fully featured scientific calculator. Similar to PCalc, it has all the features such as RPN operations, unit conversions, radix modes, etc. It’s paid version (RealCalc Plus) provides more features like fractional calculations, degrees/ minutes/ seconds calculations and landscape mode.

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Math Ref

The app provides an excellent reference covering more than 1400 (700 in free version) concepts, formulas, figures, equations, examples, etc. related to mathematics. Simply searching the topic in app will bring its reference and users can save it by favoriting, email it or even print it. The free version acts as a sample and the paid version has some more useful features.

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WolframAlpha is a computational engine and is actually much more than a mathematics app, but the capability it offers is just amazing. From basic mathematics to advanced calculus to statistics, the app covers it all. The app even provides steps to help one learn about the solution. If one is looking to learn/ get solutions for a specific topic, then they can find several course assistant apps.

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Quick Graph

This app helps in the graphic calculations by simply entering the mathematical equations and then visualizing them. It can plot both 2D and 3D graphics for implicit/ explicit equations. It offers plethora of features such as changing coordinate systems, saving the graphs, library of common equations, etc. Its paid version has advanced features like tracing and simultaneous view of more than six graphs.

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Available for: iOS

One must know that apps aren’t just for learning the difficult topics or solving the hard equations, they can be a fun too! Games like Algebra Touch, Sky Numbers (for iPad only) makes solving the basic mathematics very enjoyable.

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