LearnSprout Rolls Out Lineup of New Apps for Educators

One of the first Application Programming Interface developers for primary and secondary education schools, LearnSprout, has unveiled two new applications at the Ed’Tech Business Forum. Named as the ‘LearnSprout Dashboard’ and the ‘LearnSprout Messages’, the company revealed its latest lineup of applications in front of an audience consisting of professionals from the industry, leaders and reporters in New York.

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The Apps

The LearnSprout Dashboard, the first application announced, will act as an analytics to analyze the student’s performance and come up with suitable remedies and solutions. The results, which are displayed in the form of charts and graphs, will seamlessly allow the administrators to thoroughly analyze the academic behavior of every student, realize at-risk students, and deduce the study habits, patterns and trends. The developers have also claimed that as more schools signup with the dashboard, it can even help spot ‘study and academic trends’ in the national front. The dashboard will also give details on the student such as the address of his residence and will even keep track of the student’s attendance, GPA, discipline and grades.

LearnSprout Messages will roll out as a convenient alternate to the outbound messaging system. The application will offer several ways to get connected with the staff and parents through different mediums such as SMS (individual and bulk), recorded audio messages and Text-to-Speech messages. The Text-to-Speech messages will be available in different languages like Spanish, German, French and English and also allows integration with the student’s attendance system, which can be automated to send notifications to parents on the absence of their ward. The app can also be integrated with the Student Information System and can be fed with the most recent information about a student. The developers claim that this service can be set up in a very short span of time and will require no official training to operate.


The Dashboard application from LearnSprout will be available for educators, schools and institutions from January 2013, for free. However, the institutions who prefer to utilize this service can sign up on LearnSprout’s website now. On the other hand, LearnSprout Messages will be available to schools and colleges as a 30 day free trial offer. The subscription will not be on a contract basis, and the institutes can pay according to their usage.

With such applications, LearnSprout can very well cure some of the nation’s long standing academic issues. The constant tracking of the student’s performance and institutional behavior will ensure that there will emerge no drop outs in the future. By correlating the student’s performance with others, the schools can even track the areas of weakness of the student and come up with a remedial study structure. One of the other important issues that can be brought down is the lack of attendance in the classrooms. With the Messages feature, any secretive absence of the students can be tracked and corrective action can be taken. So, let’s hope that LearnSprout’s initiative sets the educational standards high and lead us to a better tomorrow.

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