Job interview negotiation tips for college grads who want a great deal

Are you a new grad going on job interviews? Do you want to land a great deal although you lack experience? Very few college students are aware of their potential when hunting for a job, and many accept offers without assessing the terms and conditions imposed. Although most interviewers have years of negotiation experience, this doesn’t mean you are not allowed to speak up. Here are some useful tips for college grads who want to receive an excellent job offer without compromising too much.

student salary negotiation tips

Don’t be afraid to negotiate, aim high!

During a job interview, it’s never a good idea to hope for the best. Interviewers are experienced negotiators who are used to dealing with new grads. They already know that most “rookies” don’t have the courage to ask for more money. Or do they? The resume of a college student is limited, and that fact alone makes them feel insecure and anxious. Why should you feel ashamed of your inexperience? Rather than appearing shy and introverted in front of a recruiter, you should adopt a confident attitude. Yes, you never worked before, but that doesn’t mean you are naive.

Aim high and dare to bargain. It’s amazing how much you can achieve by just making sensible demands. If the job offers a specific monthly wage, you could bargain for other incentives such as vacation time, better working hours, pleasant working conditions and so on. Never walk in a job interview with the sole purpose of landing a six figure salary. That won’t happen!

Don’t push your luck

College grads have extremely high expectations from their first job offer. Ditch your ego and listen carefully to everything an interviewer has to say. Although it’s ok to be confident and self-assured, you can’t be rude. Talk about salary and some other financial incentives on a friendly tone. Don’t demand, ask – “Can we discuss a salary raise in 6 months based on performance?” – This is a good question. It’s not offensive and it’s completely justified. Most job interviews are centered on basic questions like “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?” “Are you looking for a long-term position?” “Are you considering leaving the country in the next 5 years?” Believe it or not, these are tricky questions meant to help the interviewer assess your genuine opinion about the hiring company. Be honest, polite, and express a genuine interest for the job offer if you want a great deal.

Ask questions

It’s ok for college grads to ask questions during a job interview. The problem is not many have the courage to speak their mind. Don’t underestimate the power and value of questions. Make a list with your own queries before the interview, and write them down. Be bold and don’t let a recruiter intimidate you by answering with another question. “How come the position is available again?” “What do you mean by ‘flexible working hours’?” – these are straight questions a recruiter must answer, otherwise he will seem foolish. Always keep in mind that your lack of experience is not an imperfection, but an opportunity to learn and advance in your career.

Patience is bliss

Most college students are nervous during a job interview. They know the interviewer will ask a million questions and their fear of rejection can have dreadful effects on their self-esteem. There’s no reason to be afraid when attending a job interview, especially if you are determined and willing to work hard in order to achieve something great. Be patient and let the interviewer talk first. Relax, take a deep breath and ward off useless emotions. Listen carefully to whatever they’re saying and wait for your turn to speak.

Don’t talk about money and try to focus on facts such as company mission, goals, and expectations. Explain that you’re a hard worker and that you want that job because it can help you shape your career. Even though you don’t have negotiation training, you can still express your thoughts and ask for what you want. During a job interview, a new grad’s finest weapon is confidence; as long as you are confident in your strengths, your chances of landing an excellent job offer are greatly increased.

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