How to teach your child about healthy competition, it’s okay to lose!

It’s sometimes quite tricky to play with the little brains of kids because they react more than an adult over different situation. It is by every mean a common thing for them to throw tantrum and being obstinate at something that is totally not okay for them but being a parent, your behavior should be more than positive because situations become over but the traces which are left behind at their tiny minds and innocent hearts can be hard rather impossible to remove.

One of the most commonly observed behavior among kids is becoming upset when they lose. It is not totally up to them that how they feel about competitions; it is actually the responsibility of a wonderful mom or dad that how they put things in front of their child. Some parents are quite strict about that winning and losing scenarios that their kids start taking their life as a battle field where there is no middle stage between win and lose, white and black. It is not a healthy behavior. Such kids get easily disheartened and shattered whenever they get a 9 out or 10 marks in any class test. For them, losing even a simple board game is a matter of life and death. Their lives start losing the charm and joys of being a kid. They don’t enjoy competitions; they just take hell of tension to score the highest.

We have just gathered a good set of tips to help you get through this situation if you are feeling that your child has started becoming quite upset when he is not able to score an A+, it’s the time to bring change to their lives and to teach them that it is totally okay to lose. There is nothing so serious about that and no one is perfect in this world to win every day and always.

how to teach your child about healthy competition, it’s okay to lose

Teach your child to observe that everyone is unique

The very first step you can take towards a good behavioral change of your kid is to let his mind get ready and flexible to understand things better. When kids start behaving strictly about their winning, they are obviously so tended towards being perfectionists that they hardly understand that it is okay to lose sometimes. Just spend a quality time with them, talk to them, discuss their friends and make them understand the fact that everyone is born with unique qualities. Take examples of their class fellows and friends so that they may understand things better. Tell them that if someone is good at running, most probably he or she is not a good swimmer. Things can be different and so the human beings. When they will start understanding and observing that everyone is good at something but a bit weaker at some other, they will get the idea losing and wining are part of a normal life. They should enjoy competitions and put their best forward.

How to teach your child about healthy competition

Let them understand that being happy for others is also a nice feeling

let your kids know that you do understand that it is natural to be sad when you lose but there is another way which can turn their sadness to happiness.

Teach them how to be happy for others assuming that this wasn’t their time and it was someone else’s chance to win. What if they have lost, one of their mate has won and it’s a good thing. This lesson will decrease the chances of them to be jealous from their classmates and to accept their loss with a brave heart and smile. Sharing someone’s happiness is valuable and only parents can teach their kids to behave in that way.

Hard work is the key to success

Now that you have already prepared their minds to understand that everyone is unique and no one is born to be perfect. Tell them that If they want to win, they have to work really hard. If they are good in a field and achieving victory while in some other competition they are losing, they should practice it more and more. Only practice can make a man perfect and it is good to carry on things unless you achieve the goal. When kids will start learning things and practicing their weaker games, they will never be negative about their losing rather they will try to achieve victory by practicing with those friends who played well at that field.

Try to clarify the concept of having fun, not stress

Another important point here is that when kids love to win, they will keep their eyes on ending score only and lose the charm and fun of whole competition. Just tell them that when they are playing some good game, it’s about having a fun time with friends and family. It is not necessary to take stress thoroughly and be happy only if you win, but it is really good to enjoy each and every moment you are spending with your friends or Mum and dad. Once they will start enjoying games, they will ultimately be less stressful and behave normally even if they lose.

How to teach your child about healthy competition

We are again putting emphasis at a fact that you are responsible either partially or completely for what your kid feels about victory and defeat and you can turn the side of a picture to let them view the positivity about it. If your kids are already into this situation and you find yourself helpless to change their minds, don’t lose heart. Ask their teachers to behave a bit better than usual when they lose or secure second place to let them understand that their efforts are equally appreciated and they have to practice a little more to win the game. Give time to you kids and make it possible to arrange family meetings to discuss things between you and your kids. Talk to them and pay heed to what they are saying. Once you manage to win your child’s trust and favor, only then you will be able to let him see life in a different way.


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