How to Get More Homework Done in Less Time

Work hard and play hard: what your college years are all about. It is all too easy to feel swamped by homework and coursework, but with these top tips, you will get it done properly and quickly while still having extra hours to go out with friends and have a good time.

get more homework done in less time

#1 – Make a plan

As the saying goes, “fail to plan: plan to fail.” Nothing rings truer when it comes to homework, no matter where you are and what you’re studying. The key to efficient work is to make a weekly plan and stick to it.

Finding a routine that suits you and leaves your favorite nights free means you will approach your tasks with an open mind and not a sense of regret that you’re missing out all the fun college has to offer. A weekly schedule detailing what should be done when takes just a few minutes to draw up and will keep you on the straight and narrow, whatever life throws at you outside of the classroom.

#2 – Break it up

Breaking your homework answers down into manageable chunks makes sticking to the plan much easier. No one wants to feel guilty or overwhelmed at college when there is so much fun to be had, and if you tackle your studies bit by bit, you won’t risk freaking out and throwing in the towel. Everything is more digestible in bite-size, and you will appreciate a little freshness if you create a varied schedule that rotates topics and classes. Break it down, get it done, get out and celebrate. Repeat.

#3 – Know your deadlines

With so much else to distract you, it can be all too easy to scribble down the wrong deadline at the end of a lecture, or even miss it altogether. This is the root of all college panics: floating through the week without a care in the world and then realizing too late that your essay was due yesterday.

The key is organization and clever staggering of your assignments. If you know a big topic needs a lot of research and the deadline is weeks away, do not leave it until the last buy cheap levitra online minute! Stick to points #1 and #2, and face it head on in small bursts. You will then have to time to properly broach the subject, and the smaller assignments won’t fall by the wayside.

#4 – Work with a partner

Finding a study buddy is always a good plan. Not only does it make the burden more bearable, it also equates homework with fun and eliminates that feeling of boredom that can so often be found alone in the library.

It also benefits you both to hear another person’s point of view on the topic at hand: two minds are better than one and can conquer more ground together. Divide the work so that you do some alone and some as a pair or group: don’t rely on others to get it done for you, as you won’t thank yourself come exam time.

#5 – Revision, revision, revision!

And speaking of exams, they are an inevitable part of any degree, so do not pretend they don’t exist! You will be much less stressed and far more available for fun and games if you start revision early. It doesn’t have to become a big deal: just expose yourself to each topic regularly as the semester goes by, and you will be amazed at how much more confident you feel come assessment time. Reading around the subject and exploring different media are great ways to drum it in to your memory. Go have fun with it!

Whatever path you choose, there will always be studies to be done, with these five simple tips you should find it easy to manage, and have more time to devote to the real college experience – whatever that may be for you. With the seeds you sow now, you can reap the rewards when you choose. Go forth and make it count!

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James Handler is the current Head Educational Counselor at Homework Market. He is an advocate of cultivating student talent and intellectual ability. James travels the world to explore the differences in higher education, especially in developing countries where he can provide assistance in making students reach their full academic potential.

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