Finding A Degree To Match Your Personality

Have you ever tried to put a jigsaw puzzle piece into the wrong spot? It’s nearly impossible. And, if you do manage to flatten it in, the puzzle piece never quite looks comfortable. It seems to know it doesn’t belong there–even if you don’t.

Working in a career that doesn’t “fit” will leave you feeling like that puzzle piece–stuck in a place that doesn’t suit your design. The proverbial square peg crammed into a round hole.

puzzle piece education

Thankfully, you don’t have to make that mistake. By performing some self-assessment and career exploration activities before choosing your degree, you will be better equipped to select a path that will be your perfect fit–matching your unique personality traits and the things that interest you most. After all, “What Your Degree Says About You” warns that people are at their jobs for a huge portion of their day, so finding a degree that leads to a job that matches your personality is important for your overall happiness.

Revisit Your Childhood

A great starting point is to think back to your younger self. What activities made you the happiest when you were a child? If you spent hours teaching a “classroom” of stuffed animals and dolls, you may enjoy a career in education. Perhaps, you loved tending to the neighborhood pets–showing early signs of an interest in veterinary medicine. Often, the things that came naturally to you and consistently interested you as a child can serve as valuable indicators as to what you will enjoy–and thrive at–as a grownup.

Identify Your “Flow”

Have you ever found yourself so completely engrossed in a project that you became, in effect, “lost” in it? This is what psychologist refer to as having a “flow experience.” In “‘Flow’ Experiences: The Secret to Ultimate Happiness?,” this experience is akin to what athletes call “being in the zone”–partaking in an activity that you see as voluntary, intrinsically motivating, and challenging (but not too challenging) that causes you to feel as though you have buy levitra hong kong complete control, but, at the same time, a complete loss of self-consciousness. If you experience “flow” while engaging in an activity–painting pictures, writing short stories, rebuilding cars, sanding hardwood floors, or any other endeavor–said activity may provide a valuable clue in identifying a perfectly fitting career choice.

Examine Your Degree Personality

You are a one-of-a-kind creation with a unique personality. In order to select a career path that will suit your design, you must learn as much about you as you can. You likely know certain things about yourself already like whether or not you are an introvert or an extravert, but there are likely areas that are more ambiguous. At the same time, you want to make sure that you get a degree you can actually use.

One great way to gain self-awareness is to take a personality test, otherwise known as an “inventory.” While it is important to note that one should never base a career decision solely on inventory results, they are valuable tools for self-exploration.

The Holland Code is one such inventory that professionals have been turning to for years. Individuals who take this inventory are provided with a three-letter code representing the top three personality groups that they most closely identify with. This Holland Code can then be matched to the most suitable career areas. The Holland Occupational Themes Inventory is a free inventory that provides links to career matches.

The Jung Typology test will provide you with a four-letter code that is compatible with the renowned Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Once you have identified your four-letter personality type, you will be able to examine the career paths that best match it.

You can avoid becoming that ill-placed puzzle piece and, instead, find your perfect career fit. After all, your future–and your happiness–will be greatly enhanced by doing what you love. And you are worth it.

What did you love to do as a kid? What does this tell you about your ideal future career?

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