10 Rules For Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay Never Revealed Before!

A compare and contrast essay is among the various types of essay writing. However, writing a compare and contrast essay does not follow the same rules as of other essay types.

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Since, it involves comparing and contrasting between two things, it gets a little trickier if you are not familiar with its predefined rules. So if you are considering a compare and contrast essay, you must remember the following rules:

10 Rules For Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay Never Revealed Before!

Step #1 – Essay Topic

Choose a suitable topic for your essay. It should be something that offers enough scope of distinct similarities and differences between two things. Remember that both things should have at least 2-3 aspects to compare and contrast.

Step #2 – Theme List

Create a list of themes for your essay. All your themes must have the common features to compare. An easy way is to make a list of themes for item A and another for item B. Next, you will outline the areas that both of the items overlap. This will provide you with a good foundation to build on your paper.

Step #3 – Theme Selection

Select at least 4-5 themes for your essay. After you have finalized the themes, you should separate the most interesting themes from others. Include the quotes, evidences and examples to back up your themes.

Step #4 – Essay Brainstorming

Considering your list, try expanding your thoughts. Keeping in mind your supporting evidence, you should organize the information into a well-structured essay, ideally a five paragraph essay. Here you will put into words all your thoughts about your chosen subject. Give a balanced comparison of all the themes for both items.

Step #5 – Theme Structure

Make a proper order of your themes, starting with the ‘comparing’ part and then proceeding to the ‘contrasting’. Always follow a specific format for a compare and contrast essay, such as block order or point-by-point arrangement.

Step #6 – Essay Writing Flow

All items in a theme must make smooth transitions into each other. It will build in flow in your essay and help readers fully understand the similarities and differences between both the two things. A broken or distorted essay, on the other hand, will only confuse your readers.

Step #7 – Essay Conclusion

Finally, end your paper with the conclusion. Here you will provide a recap of all the points you have discussed in your essay. Make sure to address the issues that a professor looks forward in an essay. This will make your essay thorough and comprehensive as well as satisfy the expectations of your professor.

Step #8 – Introduction Part

Having completed the essay, create the introduction. After finishing the essay, you will be in a better position to introduce your subject. A good way is to start the paper with an interesting hook, such as a fact, anecdote or quote etc.

Step #9 – Feedback

Get feedback from others to have an idea of the overall style and tone of your essay. This will provide you with an overview of your work and its quality.

Step #10 – Spelling and Grammar

Lastly, make sure that your work is totally free from any errors regarding grammar, spelling and punctuation issues.

These essay writing tips are provided by Madonna Cruise.

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