8 Most Efficient Apps Essential for Graduate Students!

Graduate students have to face volley of tasks throughout a day. They have to work on their assignments, catch up with deadlines, remember important dates, meet with people and attend important events, etc. This is too much to manage for a single day. But now with handy apps, students can do all these things without worrying much about the time factor.

Thanks to the latest apps, students can now set deadlines, schedule tasks, manage ongoing projects and share important information using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet Pcs. So if you are a busy graduate student and need handy tools for organizing your daily tasks, here is a list of 8 hi-tech apps that will make your life easy and manageable:


Evernote is all about saving your notes, pictures, web resources, assignments and summaries on a range of mobile devices and gadgets. It also saves audio files so that you can record lessons during lectures in your class. With Evernote, you can even maintain a library through different devices.

essential college apps for students evernote review

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With penultimate, you can revive the use of traditional notes. It allows smooth writing on an iPad or any device that uses a tactile sensor for inputs. Using Penultimate, you can experience the flexibility of writing with the ease of iPad. All you need is a stylus that you will use as a pen to jot down your notes.

apps for students science review app penultimate

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iStudiez Pro

Do you usually forget things? Do you find it difficult to remember dates and deadlines? iStudiez Pro is like your reminder for everything, whether it is about urgent deadlines, tracking your daily schedules or organizing your daily task. It also allows you to sync with your upcoming projects and notifies you for your future assignments.

college student apps review iStudiez Pro test on iPad

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If you are someone who has to do various tasks in the class, then this app is your companion for the whole levitra online usa day. Using this application, you can manage your most important tasks of the day. You can create a to-do list, set priority levels for different tasks and organize important activities. You can even share your list of tasks with others who are in the loop for a project. With so many handy options, it is a must ‘app’ for students who are not good at managing tasks in a timely manner.

student apps review to organize your educational classes iProcrastinate


Dropbox is an impressive cloud storage tool that allows file access on the go. It enables students to share files – documents, photos, videos and audios etc – anywhere, anytime. With handy features, it offers free access to students.

Essential Apps for Students Dropbox File sharing


Keynote is like your mobile PowerPoint. Now you can create, edit and modify your presentations with the ease of any portable device. You will just need Keynote installed on your laptop or smartphone that you can use to work on your presentation.

student college presentation app to create powerpoint slides mobile


Pocket is an app used for reading article while offline. It allows the readers to save articles and web pages to read later. So you do not need to waste your time while browsing internet as you can read anything at a later time. With over 7 million users around the world, it is ranked among the 50 best android-based applications of 2013.

education apps review pocket

Kindle App

This app allows students to read e-books without the help of Kindle (e-book reader). It has been released by Google for iPhone and Android based devices and can be downloaded through any of the popular internet browsers such as Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. As simple as that!

educational apps to learn and read using ipad as book with kindle reading app

Each of these educational apps has a clear purpose on how to help you in learning. Which app do you like most? Do let us know and share the word.

Madona cruise is an author and a research paper writer at Research Paper Inn. She writes blogs to help students with their studies. You can follow her on Facebook.

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Madona cruise is an author and a research paper writer at Research Paper Inn. She writes blogs to help students with their studies. You can follow her on Facebook.

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