No Time For College? Think Again!

Do you feel like you took the wrong turn when you chose your career path, and you’re trying to get back online? Do you long to try something else, but lack the skills and the time to acquire them? Don’t resign yourself to a life sentence of tedium and discontent. Thanks to modern technology and a multitude of new online education programs, you can acquire the tools of your dream trade while you work.

Whether your goal requires a degree, a certificate, or a few simple courses, the odds are that you can equip yourself with what you need without ever stepping foot in a classroom. In fact, according to the 2011 Going the Distance Online Education Survey, 65% of America’s higher education providers view online learning as an important part of their long-term plans. Here are a few of the options that are available to you right here, right now.

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Are you a people person with an effervescent personality and a gift for succinct speech? If so, you may wish to pursue a degree in communications. A plethora of post-secondary institutions offer degree programs in communications that can open the door to jobs in media, mediations, public relations, fundraising, event planning, and more.

The University of Denver, for instance, offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts fully online. Some of the know-how that you will come away with includes presentation skills, conflict resolution, the use of art and photography in communicating, reading body language, and crafting persuasive arguments.

Graphic Design

Do you find yourself balking the boredom of your current job by doodling at your desk? Perhaps, you would enjoy putting your artistic ability to work as a Graphic Designer. Yes, you can earn your degree and develop an impressive portfolio without having to sacrifice your current paycheck.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Bachelor of Science of Graphic Design is just one of many such programs from which to pick. Secure a thorough grasp of the elements of design, problem solving, digital photography, computer software such as Photoshop, and computer graphics while building a body of work that you will be proud to show off.


Do you have an appreciation for numbers and a strong desire to work independently? A career in accounting may be your perfect fit. Not only can you earn your degree in accounting at home, but accounting is also an ideal levitra online medicine choice for anyone who wants to run a home business. Whether you want to work for a governmental body, a large corporation, a small private business, or employ yourself, this flexible degree can be earned completely online.

If you’d like slap on your pyjamas, grab your laptop, and learn from your bed, Washington State University offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting that will provide you with a solid background in taxation, auditing, financial management, and the modern technologies needed to keep you current.

Online Financial Planning

If you already possess a Bachelor’s Degree, but wish to pursue further certification, there are several options available, including becoming a Certified Financial Planner. If you love numbers, are fascinated by the investment world, and have a strong desire to help people achieve their goals, this may be the perfect career path for you.

Boston University’s Online Financial Planning Program will provide you with a University Certificate in Financial Planning and prepare you to pass your Certified Financial Planner Certification Exam with flying colors. Plus, you will come away with a thorough knowledge of risk management, investing, and retirement and estate planning.


Perhaps you simply wish to advance within your current industry. There are plenty of online courses and certificates that will help you climb that corporate ladder by adding to the skills you already have. For instance, if you work in the hospitality industry and long to secure a position in management, you can earn a Certificate in Hospitality Management.

Michigan State University’s Management Certificate in the Business of Hospitality will equip you with a variety of requisite skills including human resources, marketing, buying, customer service, finances, and planning. Designed for individuals who have experience in a hotel, restaurant, or casino setting, this certification could land you the job of your dreams.

There are some definite benefits to pursuing an education online, but before you commit to any program be sure to make yourself fully aware of the challenges of getting an online degree.

Don’t let one bad career choice turn into a lifetime of drudgery and crushed dreams. With determination, dedication, and a little flexing of your dendrites, you can land a job you will love–and put an end to that life sentence.

Has an online education made a difference in your life?

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