Top 9 Apps to Get You Through College

Long gone are the days when college students only used their cell phones for calling and texting friends. The smart phone has changed the game. Now, phones assist students academically, financially, and recreationally.
College Apps for students to master university and exams easily

With thousands of useful and fun apps, students can simultaneously study, manage budgets, play video games, meet co-eds and more. The possibilities are endless. This explains why the average student has more 100 apps installed on their phone, but most of them aren’t essential. However, here are 9 necessary apps every college kid should have.

1. Dropbox For Precious Files

No need to keep your laptop with you 24/7 because Drop Box keeps all of your notes and files in one place. It’s also handy for sharing big files like photos, PowerPoints, and reports. Easy to use and extremely convenient, it’s an essential app for every student.

2. Amazon Student For Textbook Savings

College textbooks quickly diminish your funds. Amazon Student attempts to relieve students from going broke at the bookstore. By simply taking a photo of the book’s barcode, the app will tell users where they can get the book more cheaply.

3. Evernote For Note-keeping

This fantastic app is friendly to all platforms and devices. Allowing you to organize your notes with folders and/or tags, it’s a simple way to stay organized. It also lets users to take photos of written notes and then files them away for safe keeping. It’s also great for storing relevant links and it has a video app for recording and cataloging lectures.

4. Mint For Finance Budgeting

As everyone knows, college kids are often broke. Away from home and without that extra parental support, they’re pinching every penny. Mint is an excellent resource for students who need buy levitra pills some financial guidance. It creates budgets, stretches funds, and even monitors every transaction. It also keeps students on track with their spending with weekly reports.

5. iTunes U For Lectures

This app allows you to watch lectures from schools such as Potomac College. Students can also read books, view presentations, maintain their assignments, and receive direct alerts from their professors.

6. Flashcards 101 For Quick Study Help

There’s no need to create hundreds of flash cards to quiz yourself during exam time anymore. Flashcards 101 lets students quickly generate flashcards directly from the facts in their textbooks.

7. Wolfram Alpha For Calculations

You can throw out that TI-89 (if your professor allows it) because this app trumps the old-school calculator. An amazing tool for calculus and linear algebra, this app also provides users with help in economics, chemistry, and physics.

8. iFlirt For Meeting New People

Meeting cute coeds is huge part of college life. If you need help with talking to guys or gals, this app is for you. Loaded with more than 250 tried and true one-liners, you’re bound to score a date. Once a date is set, you can use one of its 300 dating tips.

9. MyHomework For Due Date Reminders

Most students will forget about at least one paper or project in their college career. Myhomework prevents that unfortunate headache. Available on almost every platform, this app keeps you organized with all of your assignment due dates. Once you input an assignment, it’ll send you notification reminding you that it’s due soon.

With so many helpful apps, students have an all-purpose assistant in their pocket at all times. It’s truly a wonder that millions of people graduated college without smart phones.

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  1. Steve Miller

    Jul 16. 2015

    How about a free app that allows you to countdown the days to the start or end of a semester or until your graduation day?

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