Understanding the Benefits of Preschool Enrollment

As children progress from the infant stage to the toddler stage, many parents begin to consider preschool education. A preschool education is a great way to prepare a child for elementary school. Children who are given the opportunity to participate in a school setting before beginning elementary school have experience as well as the beginning foundations of education.

Building the Foundation of Education

Many parents question whether preschool is needed or is right for their child. It can be very difficult for a parent to enroll a child in preschool, especially if the child has been strictly under the care of the parent. However, studies have shown that a structured preschool environment can provide children with the foundation of learning, sharing, following instructions and more. These simple aspects help a child to easily succeed during the beginning of elementary education.

gain essential education fundamentals for your kids in preschool before they start elementary school careers

How does preschool prepare my child for kindergarten?

Every year, kindergarten becomes more academic and children must learn and understand certain aspects to even be enrolled. Parents have found that preschool provides the knowledge and experience for children to be ready for kindergarten. Children begin to learn their numbers and letters, even develop reading skills during kindergarten to gain the academics to put them ahead when starting kindergarten.

Some parents feel as though their child does not need to learn match or reading and kindergarten is the perfect time for this to take place. Parents feel preschool and day care should be a time of fun and play. All of which is partially true. A top quality preschool will provide a structured balance of both. Allowing for playtime as well as educational opportunities will give the child the building blocks to the foundation of learning.

Will my child really benefit from a high quality preschool education?

Many parents wonder if their child can actually benefit from a high quality preschool education. Top notch facilities provide quality care, learning and fun and this can be a perfect combination to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. To be successful, teachers and care givers will need to be able to understand the specific ways that children develop at a young age. With this knowledge, teachers will be able to provide structured activities that will help a child to develop properly.

Stimulating Social and Emotional Development

Most two and three year olds spend the majority of their time with family, usually the parents. It is essential that a child be introduced to other adults as well as children to learn how to develop emotionally and socially. Preschool promotes both developmental aspects and will help your child to develop trust in adults that are outside of the family. Children will also be able to develop socially with other children, learning how to share and get along with others.

Top quality day care and preschool programs will provide a nurturing environment where children are able to build quality relationships with teachers, other children as well as their parents. When care is consistent between the home and preschool, children are able to thrive. This is why it is important to choose a top quality school that offers quality teacher/parent relationships. With young children, all care givers should be involved and work together to ensure the child is growing and being productive. Daily reports between the care giver and the parent are essential to understanding how the program is affecting and helping each child.

Three and four year olds are very impressionable. This is why selecting a quality preschool is so important. A child must be in a caring and nurturing environment, gaining a positive experience with child care and education, so they can succeed during the elementary education years. These are the most formative years of a child and a preschool must be chosen carefully to provide maximum results.

Michelle Patterson loves children. She is always looking for ways to ensure they grow up to be mature human beings. She strongly believes that the first few years of education builds a strong foundation for a child’s education.

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4 Responses to “Understanding the Benefits of Preschool Enrollment”

  1. Pam Lassila

    Jan 31. 2017

    I think that preschool is a great idea. I can’t imagine a child going straight from home to school all day with no practice when it comes to sitting and being in a classroom. I want to give my children a good head start and opportunities to succeed and understand what they’re learning.

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  2. Tiffany Locke

    Mar 09. 2017

    With kindergarten becoming more academic and children having to learn and understand certain aspects to even be enrolled signing them up for preschool seems like a good idea. Allowing your child to learn earlier would be a great way to prepare them, or even put them ahead in school. I would imagine that in order to make sure they get the best education early on you’ll want to look into what preschools are in your area and get a tour so that you can see if their teaching methods would suit your child.

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  3. jresquival

    Mar 30. 2017

    That’s good to know that a preschool provides time for play and structured learning. It’s important that kids learn academics and social skills. Maybe I should start looking for a preschool for my daughter.

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  4. Kylie Dotts

    Aug 01. 2017

    I like how you said that preschools provide good care and fun learning that will help them prepare for the future. Considering that little kids have had so little experience in the world, it makes sense that all those times that they get to do things would be moments of learning for them that help them grow and develop. Preschool seems like it would be a good way to give children the opportunity to have many experiences that will help push them to know more and be more.

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