Best Careers in the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry opens up multiple job opportunities for millions of candidates who are willing to make a career. Read on to know more about careers in the hotel management industry.


Of late, tourism has been experiencing a boom across the globe. This has led to the hospitality sector becoming a potential employer. As demands increased, there was a demand for trained professionals within the industry. Thus hotel management courses were introduced. Today, the hospitality sector offers an array of career options that are challenging, exciting and at the same time highly paid.

Hotel industry report on careers in hotel business

So, if you want to try something different as a career choice, consider pursuing a career in hotel management that will open up a plethora of job opportunities. In general a degree in hotel management might not sound highly impressing, but if you can make things work, a career in the industry can be highly fulfilling.

Career Options

While you can choose from courses like diploma, certificate or degree course in hotel and hospitality management, some of the career options that you can explore are explained below:

Hotel/Lodging Manager

Well, this is one of the most coveted options available for hotel management students. As a manger you have to oversee the entire functioning of the hotel—right from receiving guests to supervising a crew of workers to looking after the daily activities that make a hotel going. If you are working as a residing manager then you get to oversee the complete functioning of the whole hotel.


If you are working as a concierge, then again you are directly involved with the hotel industry. But as a concierge, your job will not be limited only to receiving guests and handing over keys to them. A concierge is a traveller’s or a guest’s key to the city. You are expected to organize guided tours, book tickets and car rentals for your guests.

Travel Agent

As the name suggests, travel agents specialize in arranging trips for their clients. The job description can range from simply booking tickets to planning and organizing a complete trip to a foreign country.

Property General Manager (Casino manager)

This is probably one of the most buy levitra cheap online exciting professions in the domain of hotel management. You would receive good compensation. An individual holding this position would be responsible for ensuring that every activity within the casino work properly and effectively such as forecasting, operations, staffing and budgeting.

Regional/Executive Chef

Whether a regional chef or just a chef, you would be concocting up absolute delicacies and of course overseeing a group of other cooks. Apart from cooking, food decoration is another important part of their job. If you are looking as a regional chef, you would be ideally responsible for cooking delicacies that are a favourite with any particular geographical location. If you are highly successful in your field, you can also end up becoming a celebrity chef and run television show or even get your own cook book published.

Dietary Services Manager

A Dietary Services Manager work in close cooperation with bigger institutions as compared to dieticians who work with individual clients. They often work in hospitals or big hotels; monitoring dietary restrictions.

Food Critic

This profession is an upcoming one. As a food critic you would be doing more than just tasting and observing the presentation of food. Judging the overall operations of a particular restaurant is their major job description. However, an additional skill that is essential is good writing skills because most often food critics end up writing for newspapers and magazines.

Apart from all these, a career in hotel management can be a great option because of other benefits such as being able to work in a vacation oriented environment. Serving customers in the hotel industry or organizing a trip to the Swiss Alps or the Dead Sea can actually be very interesting. Through myriad travelling and work experiences you come out as an enriched individual.

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