Exploring Career Opportunities with 10 Awesome Android Apps

Looking for the right job isn’t an easy task, especially when you’ve recently graduated from your college. You’re expected to endure days, weeks and sometimes months of interviews, applications and networking prior to landing your dream job. Thanks to the latest advancements in the field of information and technology, we now have online job boards and social media websites that can serve as the must-needed help for hunting down a brand new career. Android is one of the most-used mobile operating systems that has helped millions and millions of graduates find the job that is both high-paying as well as mind-soothing. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at 10 amazingly effective Android apps that are custom-made for helping fresh graduates pounce on exciting job openings.

career android apps

Android App No.1-Snagajob

Snagajob is a fabulous Android job search app that helps you find the perfect opening in retail or customer service industries. With this app, you can choose to narrow down your search results based on type, location and plenty of other criterion.


Snagajob even enables you to sign up for emails alerts that notify you whenever a new job opportunity is made available for you. Moreover, you can even choose to read helpful tips on applying for different job openings.

Android App No.2- CardDrop Business Card Scanner

As a fresh graduate, you’d be required to hone your networking for grabbing an excellent job. Exchanging business cards has posed as a time-tested networking strategy. Unlike the hassles associated with distribution

CardDrop Business Card Scanner

of paper business cards, creating digital business cards has come up as a more viable option for building good network. CardDrop is a brilliant Android app that allows you to create digital business cards and send the same to new and existing contacts in your device. You can add social profiles to your business card &One tap access to Call, Text, Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn your contacts.

Android App No.3- Best Resume Tips

Best Resume Tips comes as a handy Android app for graduates who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs related to building a perfect resume.

Best Resume Tips

As a great pocket reference guide, Best Resume Tips offers you golden rules on creating different versions of your existing curriculum vitae.

Android App No.4-ResumeBear

In today’s technology-oriented world, with massive amount of resumes flying around in the webspace, it becomes quite impractical for the employers to send a note to job applicants that their resume has been viewed. It is here when the role of ResumeBear comes to play.

resume bar

This Android app serves as an impressive tool for receiving notifications the moment your resume is opened and reviewed by a potential employer.

Android App No.5-ResumeMaker On-the-Go

Android users can never lag behind in possessing aflawless resume. However, if ever a situation arrives wherein there’s an urgent need for drafting an exclusive resume, ResumeMaker On-the-Go is the app that serves as a magic wand.

resume maker

The built-in editing features of this app make it convenient for you to create a resume that’s capable of impressing the employers.

Android App No.6-LinkUp Job Search Engine

With a large count of applicants pouring in for a single job vacancy, a majority of firms choose to showcase job openings on their own corporate websites, making it difficult for you to take a note of the same.

LinkUp Job Search Engine

LinkUp Job Search Engine is an Android app that allows you to search and apply for such discreetly posted jobs based on company, category, location and keyword.

Android App No.7-Salary Search

Although a paid Android App, Salary Search allows you to understand the pay package that is being offered for a given career stream.

salary search

As someone who’s new to the corporate world, Salary Search provides accurate answers for all your salary-related queries.

Android App No.8-How to get a job!

How to get a job! is a tailor-made Android app that comes with helpful videos on preparing for a job interview.

How to get a job

With this app, you can easily gather great insights on getting a job via undergoing an interview. Backed with an absolutely amazing E-book, How to get a job! serves you every bit of information that is related to finding a job fitting your skill set and career objectives.

Android App No.9-Job Sniffer

Job Sniffer is a fabulous Android app that continuously tracks the job market searching for the best job that fits your skills.

Job Sniffer

You can choose to set up automatic updates and wait for receiving notifications regarding the job you’re planning to hop onto.

Android App No.10-RightEverywhere Mobile

RightEverywhere Mobile is a brilliant Android app that renders you an easy access to jobs matching your skill set and experience.

RightEverywhere Mobile

You can easily go through the career advice from the experts and keep a vigil eye on employers who’re trying to get in touch with you.

Wrapping Up

With so many Android apps to choose from, I’m sure you’d have definitelygot a green signal for going ahead with your career hunt. The right Android app can let you explore maximum job opportunities via your mobile device.

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