A Career in Interior Design

Interior designing has now become a full fledged occupation. Interior designers are people with expertise and knowledge regarding improving the functionality, safety and visual appeal of the interiors of a home. They have to take into consideration how various materials, colors, furniture and lighting work together in the space provided to them. An interior designer could work in both public places such as libraries, schools, offices and auditoriums as well as private homes and living spaces. Interior designers point their clients in the right direction regarding home décor and what electronics to buy online in order to make their home functional and attractive. They also look into aspects such as ventilation and natural lighting.

interior designer education


There are various professional interior designing courses which are available from most universities and colleges. You can get an associate degree by following a two to three year program or get a full-fledged bachelor’s degree by attending a four year course.

After graduation or completion of the course, interior designers generally take up apprenticeship programs at architecture and design based firms. They work under established and experienced designers and learn from them. A typical apprenticeship program will take around three years to complete. Interior designers with graduate or associate degrees usually start their lives as interior designers as assistants to other designers.

Other Qualifications

These depend largely on where you want to pursue your career. A few countries do not have any additional requirements for interior designers. However, if you want to work in the United States, you will have to take into account that certain states in the USA require licenses and certification. This is generally done through the National Council for Interior Design Qualification which holds a written exam. The Council requires at least six years of education including a minimum of two years of post-secondary education in addition to experience. These licenses generally require continuous re-evaluation.

Career Prospects

Following the apprenticeship program, interior designers generally get promoted to supervisory positions such as Chief Designer or the Department Head of Design. Positions such as these are generally only available in larger firms with a substantial number of staff. Interior designers can also choose to specialize in a certain type of design and branch out on their own. Private practice is the preferred method of working but in order to have a successful private practice, one needs to build a certain amount of acclaim. In order to progress in the field, an interior designer is also supposed to be trained in Computer Aided Design or CAD. This training is generally given in graduate and associate programs. They also need to be aware of the advancements in home appliance technology. Their decisions affect the amount of money that their clients will spend, hence, they should be well versed with which electronics to buy online and which appliances to go to the store for.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

Interior designers work on design projects. A usual design project will require the designer to perform the following functions:

  • Interact with the client in order to ascertain the client’s wishes and desires, budget and the theme of how the entire space will be utilized.
  • Create a design plan. This is usually done using computer and CAD based software. In addition to the design plan, the designer must also come up with an estimated budget.
  • Interact with the client again in order to ascertain their views on the design plan
  • After the design plan has been finalized, materials, finishes, lighting and flooring must be specified.
  • Ensure that all plans and drawings are approved by the municipality.
  • Get architects and contractors to perform structural and technical tasks.
  • Create a rough timeline for the design project including the planning phase and the execution phase.
  • Supervise work on the project in order to make sure that things are done according to the specifications of the design plan.
  • Following completion of the project, ensure that the client is happy with the work.

Author Bio:

Arthur Walker is an interior designer who moonlights as a freelance writer. In the above article, Arthur has prospective interior designers with a rough idea about a career in interior design. Contact him for details regarding careers in the field of design, tips for better ventilation and the best places to buy electronics online.

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