10 Best Apps for Students for Studying Efficiently

Studying shouldn’t consume your whole life. It might sometimes feel like it but you don’t need to spend your whole time reading and revising – you just need to make your study time efficient. The truth is that we often think we’re studying but we aren’t really learning. To succeed in your studies and to ensure you get to do other things aside from studying, you need to study smart.

The good news is there are plenty of resources out there to help you do just that. You can find plenty of tips and tricks but you can also enlist your smartphone to help you be a more efficient student. Here are 10 apps helping students study efficiently.

10 Best Apps for Students for Studying Efficiently

myHomework Student Planner

It all starts with planning and myHomework Student Planner is the perfect app to do just that. You can store your homework and class schedules in a single place, categorising the homework based on its type. You can choose it to be a lab project, a test and so on. You can also prioritise the things and use cross-platform synchronisation. The app ensures you know just what you need to do and when.

Google Calendar

If you need even more synchronisation, Google Calendar is a great planning app. You can use it to schedule your whole day, not just studies. It also has a nice feature of setting targets for things like language studies, meditating and even cleaning.

Google Keep

When you’re done planning, you’ll need Google Keep to start taking notes during class and while revising. This app is great for short notes – it allows single notes or you can even create a list of things. It has a feature to allow voice recordings and you can even add images to it. You can further categorise your notes under customised labels and it’s possible to archive notes for later use.

Office Lens

Sometimes you might just prefer a good old pen and paper for note taking. But if you’d still like to be able to read those notes on your smartphone, the Office Lens app is a great help. It allows you to take pictures of your notes and edit them to look crisp and clean, creating a PDF-file in the meantime. You can take pictures of documents, whiteboards or even business cards and the angles will be automatically adjusted.

Google Docs

Now, if you need to take longer notes and perhaps edit your essays, Google Docs is an app worth using. It integrates seamlessly with a laptop or a desktop and a smartphone. It saves your files in real-time so you don’t have to worry about losing information. You can also highlight and use indentation when editing the texts.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

When you are studying and writing reports, you might come across words that are a bit fuzzy to you. It’s important to know the meaning of words because it helps you to remember them and to use them correctly. For this, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app is a great tool. You can hear the pronunciation and learn about the history of the word. The Word of The Day is a cool way to increase your vocabulary.


If you want to enhance your learning and perhaps deepen your knowledge, you need to download GoConqr. You can set up a profile on it and choose your subject (and study level between undergraduate and post-graduate). It then allows you to create learning tools. You can make mind maps, use flashcards and create quizzes.


Of course, you need to ensure you are actually studying when you’re supposed to do so. The smartphone can itself be a problem – it’s just too easy to quickly check your social media and half an hour later notice you’re still on the same page. (OFFTIME) is a superb app that blocks all the apps you want prevented from opening. You can whitelist the study apps and ensure your Facebook stays closed. You can set goals and choose the time the apps stay closed.


A similar but a bit simple app is the AppBlock. You can create profiles and schedule when the app needs to block certain apps. It also allows you to select the apps that must stay open and those it needs to block. The app has a paid professional version for more unlimited features but you’ll be perfectly good to start with just the free version.


Finally, you should add the Dropbox app to your devices to guarantee you don’t lose your documents. The app synchronises with different platforms and you get up to 2GB of free storage from the get-go. You could even use it to share documents and files with your study group – it’s a perfect tool for collaborating with friends.

Technology is a great help and you shouldn’t shy away from using it. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, recording devices and learning software options are all going to help your studies if you use them right.

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