8 Attributes Recruiters Look For in an Interview

Nobody knows what employers want more than the recruiters. When they review resumes and interview candidates, recruiters understand the needs of the company, what skills high tech companies are looking for and search for applicants that will fit in well. If you know what they desire in a candidate, you can improve your chances of landing the job. Here are eight important candidate qualities that recruiters look for in an interview:

Attributes Recruiters Look For in an Interview

#1 – Punctuality

First of all, do not be late to your interview. You should plan to arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled time in order to impress recruiters and potential employers. Leave the house early so you have plenty of time to collect yourself and prepare for your meeting with a recruiter.

#2 – Authenticity

Since recruiters know what employers want, they want to ask significant questions to get a sense of how you work. You should have a good understanding of your qualifications and past experiences, but do not offer memorized answers. Be genuine when speaking with recruiters about who you are.

#3 – Attitude

One of the most important candidate qualities to have is a good attitude. Be respectful and polite to everyone you meet. Convey an eagerness to talk with people and gain from their wisdom. This will greatly work in your favor throughout the day and in your career.

#4 – Interest

Another key attribute recruiters look for in an interview is real interest in the job. You should tailor your resume to fit the position and seem enthusiastic when talking about it. By asking questions, you will show your willingness to learn and sincerity about landing the job.

#5 – Attention to Detail

Candidates must be able to follow directions before, during, and after an interview. If a recruiter asks you to bring two copies of your resume, you should be able to handle it! Attention to detail and the ability to take instructions from others are crucial in the real world.

#6 – Honesty

When recruiters ask hard-hitting questions, they already know what employers want to hear: the truth. If you are asked about your weaknesses or past mistakes at work, be honest. Then, turn them around and describe what you learned from your experience and show how you can improve yourself on the job.

#7 – Preparation

Recruiters often ask what candidates know about the company. You must be prepared to give evidence that you researched the business prior to your interview. This will help you convey your interest in the job so you can explain why you are a good fit for the position.

#8 – Cooperation

Are you able to work on a team? Most businesses operate with functional teams so you should be cooperative with others. If you are a leader, be sure to demonstrate how you can bring team members together to reach common goals.

With these eight candidate qualities, you will jump to the top of the list. Recruiters know what employers want and seek the best and brightest applicants. By harnessing these attributes, you can make them work in your favor in an interview and land the job of your dreams.

Good luck!

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