10 Ways To Improve your English on Holiday

If we were to think of a time conducive to the vague, it is that during the holidays. While you’re lying on your towel at this moment, enjoying a well deserved rest, however it may cost you much, you should not let your mind wanders back also.Because in a few days you will have to get down to work again! Leave aside the hard subjects and use this time to improve your English.

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Why you need to improve your English on holiday?

We have repeated the benefits to speak good English, on both academic and professional levels. But while listening to the sound of waves and the echoes of the mountains does not motivate you enough, maybe the following reasons will convince you to get to this in the last days of your rest: people who speak more than one language are more intelligent, have more memory and are more attractive to the opposite sex.

So what are you waiting for? Aim these 10 ways to learn English in rental:

  • Songs. Surely many of the songs that you hear are in English. The exercise will be to pay attention to the lyrics. Try to understand what they say, or at least get an idea on the subject of dealing. Music is everywhere: in the car, the beach bar, hotel, pub or nightclub. You have no excuses!
  • Series and movies. Not something else, but free time you will have. In one of your moments of relax, put a movie or series in English. Today there is internet connection almost anywhere. Turn on your laptop, tablet or mobile, pick one you like and enjoy the film!
  • News. If you are someone they care currently tries to read newspapers, watch the news or listen to the radio in English. Choose a British or American media, click and find out what’s going on around you. If instead you are too lazy to watch the news, listen to any other program on something that catches your eye: fashion, sports, technology… There is everything!
  • Read. You might have recommended a book for the holidays. Before you buy it, check if it is available the original or the English translation. The book will end up hooking and eventually you’ll not even realize you’re reading in another language. Meanwhile your brain will be processing hundreds of new words. But you can always buy a magazine and learn buy levitra online by paypal vocabulary with a topic you’re passionate about.
  • Mobile applications. The infinite world of apps is at your fingertips. There are all kinds of applications, both to learn English and to find foreigners who are on vacation in your area. They are the solution to your boredom.
  • Social Networking. If you cannot detach yourself from Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, we do not ask you to, quite the contrary… Even more connect with your profiles. But make the settings for the page that appears in English, states or post your tweets on English, follow the English YouTube channel and if you have friends in other countries, always talk to them in English.
  • Games. Although at first you feel like if you’re in a group and you’re going to play a game to pass the time, do it in English and I sure you finish laughing twice.
  • Travel diary or blog. It is becoming fashionable to write about your experiences during a trip, especially if you’re in a paradise destination. This time do it in English and, if at any time you, record your ideas. It will be a most rewarding exercise.
  • Think and describe. In times of observation and tranquility on everything new that you’ll find on your vacation. Try to mentally describe the place where you find yourself in English. If you can, build increasingly complex sentences and go watch you progress.
  • Speaking and… Whatever comes. The easiest and most appealing way to improve your English is to talk to foreign tourists. Any occasion is good to start a conversation, make new friends and … who knows? The same love is waiting just around the corner, but this time is in English.

You are recommendations will help you keep up your English for the rest of summer. But if you need to get serious and improve your level, you can follow the advice of experienced teachers or take advantage of the days before the “back to school” to any English course abroad in one of the best schools to learn to solve.

Albert Palacci is passionate about digital marketing and social media analysis, he is writing for several online magazines and websites, also you can check his personal blog and you can find more about him on his Academia or Slideshare profile.

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