What is next MOOCs?

The innovation brought in online education by MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) is praised by everyone. The democratization it incorporated in educating process on account of being free and accessible to all, is no doubt a great achievement in itself. In this article, we will explore features of next generation Moocs and how is it going to revolutionize education.

massive open online courses

Personalized Education

A very common criticism on MOOCS is its very high student to teacher ratio resulting in lack of personalized interaction. The next MOOCS will be more personalized and led by instructors. Few startups have already appeared in India where, school students are being taught online with one to one model of learning. The system named VEDANTU was started in 2014 by four entrepreneurs having now 10,000 + live learning hours with this platform.

Self-paced Learning

Instead of having a giant session in a newly started course, because these were offered once or twice a year, next MOOCS will offer courses which may be started immediately. This will take care of requirement of every individual, who can continue course on a pace most suitable.

Future MOOCS -New kind of Text Books

The future MOOCS will be adopted by universities as new kind of text books. These new text books will comprise of simulations, videos and interactive exercises.

massive open online courses

MOOCS will be need of every employer

Specially designed MOOCS will be available for every type of industry. The newly hired will be asked to pass tests for specific skill sets from MOOCS having feature of self-assessment. At later stages of their employment, they will be required to have on line MOOCS courses for being in line with emerging technologies.

Corporate Training through MOOCS

Corporate training is one area where, MOOCS is going to play a vital role. In future, all corporate entities will collaborate with MOOCS providers to furnish workplace training courses specially designed for their requirements. All major business schools, top universities and MOOCS providers will jointly design workplace learning programs.

Blending with traditional education

More and more universities will incorporate MOOCS in their traditional educational programs. Students will be enjoying additional benefits in learning via MOOCS besides class room studies. This process is though adopted by many universities currently but, it will be a very common trend in future. The University of Edinburgh’s for example has prepared a vision for 2025 education, wherein it intends to have as many off campus online post graduate degree programs, as it will have for its residential students.

Learning through Simulation and Gaming

Future MOOCS, due to leverage of technology which it has, will educate people through serious games and simulations, replicable in real life situations. The concept game being used for non-gaming situations is closely associated with on line education in general and MOOCS in particular. Next MOOCS will utilize this tool optimally in order to motivate on line learning.

The future of online education has a primary and vital role of MOOCS. Its internationalized appeal and accessibility will make it inevitable for future learning and educating.


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This article is written by Abraham Wilson, a freelance Buy Dissertation UK writer, who contributes mainly about futuristic educational possibilities.

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