massive open online courses

What is next MOOCs?

The innovation brought in online education by MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) is praised by everyone. The democratization it incorporated in educating process on account of being free and accessible to all, is no doubt a great achievement in itself. In this ... Continue Reading →
online training benefits

4 Impressive Benefits of Ongoing Online Training Program for Human Resources

What the most common mistakes made by business organizationsis discontinuing their ongoing online training for employees. If you are an employer and running an organization, your employees needongoing online training at all of their employment phase, despite of ... Continue Reading →
VR learning

A New Age of Learning – Inclusion of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Technology has changed the education industry to a large extent. Since the internet and personal computers have become ubiquitous, education is no longer confined to textbooks and within the classroom. E-learning was one of the earliest jumps in the technology-driven ... Continue Reading →