massive open online courses

What is next MOOCs?

The innovation brought in online education by MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) is praised by everyone. The democratization it incorporated in educating process on account of being free and accessible to all, is no doubt a great achievement in itself. In this ... Continue Reading →
online training benefits

4 Impressive Benefits of Ongoing Online Training Program for Human Resources

What the most common mistakes made by business organizationsis discontinuing their ongoing online training for employees. If you are an employer and running an organization, your employees needongoing online training at all of their employment phase, despite of ... Continue Reading →
Ph.D. by dissertation in Australia

Ph.D. by dissertation in Australia

What is a professional doctorate in Australia?  An expert doctorate (Ph.D.) is a thorough program of cutting edge study and research, intended to address the issues of industry and expert gathering of groups. Foster brilliance in proficient practice by building ... Continue Reading →
types of stressors

3 Types of Stressors might encounter in College Life

College life consists of pleasant and unpleasant memories. Life consists of various phases and educational phases are the most determining and defining phases of students’ lives. College phase is reckoned as the most remarkable one. Student learns from experiences ... Continue Reading →
VR learning

A New Age of Learning – Inclusion of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Technology has changed the education industry to a large extent. Since the internet and personal computers have become ubiquitous, education is no longer confined to textbooks and within the classroom. E-learning was one of the earliest jumps in the technology-driven ... Continue Reading →
student study and health

Benefits Of Figs That Can Help You Prolong Your Life

Figs are known as the fruit of fircus tree which is a part of Moraceae family, known by its common name mulberry family. They have a sweet, soft, chewy texture, and unique taste that are composed of edible as well as slightly crunchy seeds. Fresh figs are perishable ... Continue Reading →
college students must have tech gadgets

Tech-Gadgets Every Student Must Have at College

College life is different from every previous level students have gone through and hence the lifestyle has to change. With technological advancements, everything in this world is evolving, the way businesses operate, the way people live their life and the way people ... Continue Reading →
eLearning Resources for New Entrepreneurs

Important eLearning Resources for New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is usually defined as a tough challenge of setting up and running a new business. The process usually begins with a small business i.e. a firm that offers products or services and later it grows into a huge business if goes successfully. In the ... Continue Reading →
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